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Quick Guide


Requesting a quote has never been easier. Simply provide details about your origin and destination, what mode of transport you would like to use (air or ocean), what goods you are shipping, and we will provide the best available quote in no time, either directly online or via our dedicated customer help desk.

If you need support or assistance we have a range of online and offline options for you.


We take the mystery out of international freight. Once you have your quote and have accepted it, the next step is to move onto your booking. While we require some more details here, we do our best to make it as easy as possible. After adding shipper and consignee information, we also need further details of the items that you are shipping and some documents that will make the freight arrive on time and as scheduled. The system will guide you through this process.


To make your life even easier we offer a range of on and offline payment options to suit your requirements.


We make it easy to know where your freight is at every step of its journey. Automatic updates will be posted on your site and you will also receive email updates.