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Shipa Freight's videos provide insights on the functioning of our platform as well as our evolution and goals.

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The future for Shipa Freight

Our Chief Product Officer Paul Rehmet tells us what's next for Shipa Freight

The advantages of Shipa Freight's services for your business needs

Paul Rehmet our Chief Product Officer explains how Shipa Freight has adapted its services to provide better service for small and medium size companies.

Amazon FBA by Shipa Freight

Learn about our Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service.

Freight Forwarding platform for SME's

Here, our Chief Product Officer describes the kind of business that would benefit the most from using our services. SME's are small and medium sized companies that require simplicity and ease of access for their shipping needs.

What does Shipa Freight bring you?

Learn about what we do to make your freight experience better.