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COVID-19 Air Freight Update [Updated: 3rd September, 2020]

Apr 10, 2020

Air Freight Demand Exists and Rates Reduce Somewhat

Demand for air freight exists, but is still well below the levels evident before the COVID-19 situation arose. July saw a fall of 13.5%, which was offset by a capacity reduction of 25 to 30% arising from the loss of belly capacity usually available on passenger flights.

Air freight rates are still higher than those available before the Coronavirus crisis, but have fallen somewhat. Actual rates depend on the urgency of shipment and fluctuate according to the day of the week.

Air transport specialists can find valuable guidelines and resources relating to the COVID-19 pandemic at the website run by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The Association’s Cargo Operations Status page includes the facility to search by carrier, and classifies operations as follows, depending on the known status:

  • Normal
  • Pending airline information
  • Service suspended
  • Some service impacts
  • Unknown

The page also includes the date and time of the latest update, and links to the carriers’ information pages.