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Shipping Freight by Air or Ocean From China to Singapore

Shipa Freight brings simplicity to exports and imports in Asia.

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If your supply chain relies on a manufacturing hub or supplier of products from China, you’re doubtless aware of the cost, complexity and paperwork involved in exporting to Singapore. Shipa Freight is the online freight forwarder that makes everything easier.

Digitized Freight Forwarding for Less Complex, More Convenient Shipping

When shipping freight from China to Singapore to satisfy demand, the last thing you need is difficulties with arranging the shipment. Shipa Freight is the hassle-free freight forwarder with the digitized platform to simplify your shipping.

Businesses of all sizes are already reaping the benefits of a new freight-forwarding service from Agility Logistics that’s ousting complexity and confusion. We provide easier access to trade channels in Asia that were previously the preserve of big companies. Signing-up, booking, paying, and tracking can now all happen online with Shipa Freight. So why not give us a try?

With Shipa Freight, shipping is made easier!

If you find freight shipping complicated, you haven’t tried our shipping services. Use the form above to get a quote.

Shipping Your Freight FCL or LCL From China to Singapore

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Shipa Freight is the innovative online freight forwarder that steers previously complicated import and export procedures through calmer waters. No more complex business onboarding procedures, hard-to-understand freight rates, or quotes that take forever. Shipa Freight will show you how easy shipping can be.

At last, all types of businesses from all over the world can benefit from shipping goods the way the big names do. Whether your cargo is a 6 or 12 pallet FCL or a smaller LCL consignment, seeing is believing when it comes to the simplicity Shipa Freight brings.

Even customs rules, regulations, and requirements can be smoothly navigated via our platform. And every shipment you book heading south from the People’s Republic of China to Singapore can be paid for and tracked using your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Chinese Ports of Origin

An extensive array of ports in China are used by Shipa Freight to take FCL and LCL freight by sea to Singapore. Here’s a quick look at five of those ports:


A prime location for handling goods bound for Singapore, Zhongshan is a small, natural estuary port in Guangdong province, close to the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea.

Owned By: Zhongshan Port Authority.

Annual Container Volume: >1 million TEUs.



One of the smaller Chinese ports in Guangdong province, Jiujiang is a river-based facility located on the south bank of the golden waterway that is the Yangtze River. The import and export of goods is a primary industry in an area that’s renowned for its prowess in petrochemical and agrochemical manufacturing.

Owned By: Jiujiang Port Authority.

Annual Container Volume: >100,000 TEUs.



Rated a medium-sized river port, Jiangmen is Guangdong province’s second-largest river port, serving a host of manufacturing businesses in the area. These produce goods as diverse as paper and motorbikes, food and household appliances, many of which are shipped to Singapore.

Owned By: Hutchison Ports.

Annual Container Volume: >400,000 TEUs.



As the only major port in Guangdong’s eastern region, Shantou is an important gateway to this manufacturing-focused area of China. Echoing many ports in the country, shipping to China, and exporting overseas via Shantou has become increasingly popular in recent years, and this natural river port, which opens into the South China Sea, is in-line for future expansion.

Owned By: Shantou Port Affairs Bureau.

Annual Container Volume: >1.25 million TEUs.



To give you an idea of the global importance of the port of Xiamen, all of the world’s top 20 shipping companies have routes to Xiamen or operations in the area. The port itself is huge, with nine container terminals and the capacity to handle sixth-generation container vessels.

Owned By: Xiamen Port Authority.

Annual Container Volume: >10 million TEUs.


Other Ports in China

Along with the gateways introduced above, Shipa Freight can load containers bound for Singapore at all of these other ports in China:

  • Zhuhai
  • Tianjin
  • Ningbo-Zhoushan
  • Shanghai
  • Dalian
  • Fuzhou
  • Chongqing
  • Foshan
  • Wuhu
  • Wuhan
  • Qinzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Nanjing
  • Shenzhen
  • Nansha
  • Guangzhou
  • Lianyungang

Ports of Arrival: Singapore

All FCL and LCL sea freight from China will head into the port of Singapore, where it will go through customs checks before being moved-on to its next destination.


An incredible 20% of the world’s shipping containers are shipped from or to Singapore. Unsurprisingly, freight facilities are impressive and extensive, with 52 container berths and nearly 200 quay cranes ensuring LCL or FCL freight can be quickly and efficiently loaded or unloaded.

Owned By: The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

Annual Container Volume: >36 million TEUs.


China to Singapore Transit Times and Routes

Your shipment from China to Singapore will follow one of many routes south along China’s east coast and west to Singapore. Naturally, you’ll be wanting to load your pallets at the port nearest your supplier’s warehouse. Below is a guide to the estimated transit times by sea from your chosen port in China to Singapore. Any road or rail freight transit times will need to be added to those stated.

Port of Origin Destination Port Est. Transit Time
Dalian Singapore 13 Days
Qingdao Singapore 14 Days
Fuzhou Singapore 10 Days
Shanghai Singapore 8 Days
Changsha Singapore 12 Days
Tianjin Singapore 15 Days
Jiujiang Singapore 13 Days
Nanjing Singapore 17 Days
Jiangmen Singapore 9 Days
Shantou Singapore 10 Days
Ningbo Singapore 7 Days
Lianyungang Singapore 14 Days
Chongqing Singapore 31 Days
Wuhan Singapore 31 Days
Xiamen Singapore 6 Days
Wuhu Singapore 19 Days
Shenzhen Singapore 4 Days
Guangzhou Singapore 8 Days

Air Freight From China to Singapore

The quickest way to get your freight from China to Singapore is up in the air, on a freight or passenger airliner depending on the size and nature of your consignment. Here are some reasons why many businesses choose air freight:

Speed of delivery: planes glide through the skies faster than ships cut through the seas. If you have customers eagerly awaiting your goods in Singapore, sending those goods by air freight means your customers won’t be waiting long.

Nature of consignments: freshly-picked perishable goods won’t look so appetizing after a few days or even weeks at sea. Send them by plane, and the shorter time in transit will ensure little or no deterioration by the time they reach Singapore.

Avoidance of delays: there are plenty of ways ocean freight can get delayed en route from China, especially if you choose LCL shipping. That's why, despite the higher freight cost many Singapore importers choose to receive a portion of their shipment by air freight. It’s the route to Singapore that the weather or public holidays can’t spoil.

Size of shipment: there’s little point packing a small consignment into a huge container and waiting for it to cross the ocean. It’s likely to be better value for your business and your supplier to send it as air freight.

Reduction of risk: the sooner your goods get into your customers’ hands, the less risk there is of something happening during the journey that could cost you.

When to Choose Air Freight Instead of Couriers

Transporting your products by courier will almost always incur a higher shipping fee than air freight. Just like the couriers, Shipa Freight can offer you a door-to-door service, or you can choose our port-to-port option. Either way, you’re likely to save money with Shipa Freight and still enjoy fast shipping for your products.

Ready to get a Shipa Freight quote for a door to door or airport-to-airport shipment from China to Singapore?

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China: Airports of Origin


Your Singapore-bound air freight will take-off from this Western China airport which is the fifth-busiest in the country. In 2018, over 660,000 tonnes of freight passed through its terminals. Your goods could well end up aboard one of the passenger flights south to Singapore on a service run by Air China, Silk Air or Sichuan Air.

Chengdu to Singapore Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Join the many businesses who choose to ship air freight from the world’s third-busiest freight hub. A massive 3.7 million tonnes of freight passed through Shanghai-Pudong in 2018, and there are plenty of airlines ready to fly your freight from here to Singapore.

Shanghai-Pudong to Singapore Cargo-Only Operators: ASL Airlines Belgium, China Cargo Airlines, Suparna Airlines.



As the gateway for the Chinese capital, road and rail links to and from this international airport are plentiful. So, wherever in China you’re manufacturing your goods for shipment to Singapore, it may make sense for you or your supplier to get them to Beijing and fly them on out of the country from there.

Beijing-Capital to Singapore Cargo-Only Operators: None.



This Dongli-district airport represents another of China’s major freight hubs and is home to Tianjin Airlines and Okay Airways. It’s also where the Airbus A320 final assembly line is located. Singapore-bound passengers and air freight are carried aboard flights provided by Scoot Airlines.

Tianjin to Singapore Cargo-Only Operators: None.



If your manufacturing hub is based in Central China, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is an ideal location to get your air freight to Singapore. The freight teams here handle more than 220,000 tonnes of air freight every year.

Wuhan to Singapore Cargo-Only Operators: None.


Other Airports in China

The handful of airports featured above are by no means the only ones from where Shipa Freight can fly your consignment to Singapore. Here are the other airports of origin in China we operate from:

  • Guangzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Ningbo
  • Zhengzhou
  • Dalian
  • Nanjing
  • Shenzhen
  • Chongqing
  • Xiamen

Destination Airport for Freight Arriving in Singapore


Known by many as Changi Airport, Skytrax rates Singapore’s airport as the world’s best – an accolade it’s won for the past seven years. Located in eastern Singapore, over 65 million passengers took off from or landed here in 2018, making it the world’s 19th busiest airport. Connected Airports in China: Beijing-Capital, Shanghai-Pudong, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Ningbo, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Dalian.

China to Singapore Cargo-Only Operators: ASL Airlines Belgium, China Cargo Airlines, FedEx Express, SF Airlines, Singapore Airlines Cargo, UPS Airlines.


Trade Lanes and Times for Air Freight Between China and Singapore

How long will it take your air freight to get from your chosen airport in China to Singapore? This handy table we’ve compiled makes finding out Chineasy!

All times are estimated flight-only times. Add extra time if you choose the Shipa Freight door-to-door service, and in any case, remember that your products will spend anything from a few hours to a few days in customs clearance.

Airport of Origin Destination Airport Est. Transit Time
Chengdu Singapore 5 Hours
Shanghai Singapore 5 Hours
Beijing Singapore 6 Hours
Tianjin Singapore 6 Hours
Wuhan Singapore 5 Hours
Guangzhou Singapore 5 Hours
Qingdao Singapore 5 Hours
Ningbo Singapore 5 Hours
Chongqing Singapore 5 Hours
Shenzhen Singapore 4 Hours
Xiamen Singapore 4 Hours
Zhengzhou Singapore 5 Hours
Nanjing Singapore 5 Hours

Why Ship From China to Singapore With Shipa Freight?

Warehouse operative using mobile device to sort cartons for shipping from China to Singapore, with managers in background

Until now, accessing global freight carriers has been a hassle, especially for companies with limited time and resources to devote to import and export processes. Shipa Freight is designed to speed-up quotations, as well as the booking and tracking of exports from China to Singapore. So now, even if you’re time-pressed and resource-light, your business can benefit from the kind of shipping service the big players have enjoyed for years.

A Global Freight-Forwarding Presence

Shipa Freight can call on the brains and brawn of its parent company, Agility Logistics—worldwide shipping experts with offices in China and Singapore.

Agility Logistics Offices in China

Technology Innovators

Many traditional freight forwarding companies only pay lip service to digital technology, offering limited online capabilities. Shipa Freight, on the other hand, is a platform created in the 21st Century specifically to make shipping easier and quicker for 21st Century businesses. The platform is the future of freight-forwarding, combining digital ease with human expertise.

Get Through Customs Easily

Every consignment from China to Singapore will be subject to customs regulations at its departure and arrival ports or airports. Unless you’re an international shipping expert, you’re unlikely to know what information you need to supply. That’s not a problem with Shipa Freight, because you can:

  • Discover the basic Singaporean and Chinese customs requirements for your specific type of freight. See also our Global Guide to Shipping.
  • Find out which information customs officials will require from you, depending on the nature of your shipment – for instance, where your goods are from and what they are.

It’s time to put your trust and your cargo into the hands of the freight-forwarding experts at Shipa Freight.

“With Shipa Freight, I could do everything from quotation to booking with just a click”.

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