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Baltimore Port Freight Disruption News: Shipping Expert Tips & Recommendations

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Updated on 29 Mar 20241 min read

The Port of Baltimore is Currently Unaccessible for Cargo Ships, What Happened?

On March 26, 2024, a collision involving a cargo ship led to the collapse of the Key Bridge along the southeast corridor of I-695, disrupting access to the port of Baltimore.

As a result, vessel traffic to the Baltimore Port is currently blocked, and the duration of this disruption remains uncertain. We are committed to providing updates on the impact of this incident on freight shipments via this dedicated page. For information on bridge repair progress, please visit the official KEY BRIDGE RESPONSE 2024 page.

4 Key Points Regarding the Freight Shipping Disruption in Baltimore

1. Expected Delays

Significant delays ranging from several weeks to months are expected before normal operations can resume.

2. Alternative Routes

While Baltimore is inaccessible, consider alternative shipping destinations such as:

  • Norfolk
  • Rail routes to Baltimore
  • Philadelphia
  • Wilmington
  • Delaware
  • New York

3. Barge Routes Unavailable

Barge routes to Baltimore are currently inaccessible due to the incident.

4. Re-routing Costs

Cargo owners with shipments already en route to or gated in Baltimore should anticipate additional costs associated with rerouting due to force majeure circumstances.

Additional Recommendation from our Expert

For those intending to ship cargo to Baltimore, it is advisable to act promptly and adjust your shipping plans accordingly. Should you require assistance, feel free to contact our team.

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