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At last there’s a digital freight forwarder that brings ease and convenience to shipping cargo from China to the United Kingdom by air or ocean. The Shipa Freight platform makes importing and exporting commercial goods a breeze.

Intelligent Technology Makes Sign-Up Simple and Delivers Quick Quotes

Shipa Freight is the new digital freight shipping platform from Agility Logistics. Designed to ensure importing and exporting no longer need to create one headache after another, Shipa Freight helps more companies of all sizes exploit the business-growing powers of the global shipping companies.

If your products are manufactured by a supplier in China and you want them delivered to the UK, Shipa Freight could be the quickest, most cost effective, and convenient way.

From bulk orders to fragile freight, use Shipa Freight for your next China to UK shipment.

Start exporting the new way, by completing the form above to get a freight quote.

Ship Freight From China to UK Using Ocean Services

Logistics warehouse operative pushing a shipment of cartons from the flag of China to the flag of the United Kingdom

It’s time to throw complexity overboard. Shipa Freight is the simple-to-use online portal packed with tools that make freight shipping between Chinese and UK ports less confusing—and a lot less time-consuming.

We’re here to help you get your products from A to B via the sea, organizing the delivery of smaller LCLs right up to multiple 40ft full-container loads. Shipa Freight simplifies the entire shipping process, using the extensive global resources of our parent company, Agility Logistics, to ensure peace of mind and affordable shipping rates for your imports and exports.

China: Ports of Origin

Here’s where your freight’s journey begins. Shipa Freight can load-up and launch FCL and LCL shipments from China to the UK from the following ports:


This is the world’s largest inland port, with an impressive history that stretches back to the 3rd Century. It is located on the Yangtze River by the source of the Yangtze Delta, and ranks in the world’s top 100 ports in terms of traffic.

Owned By: Nanjing Port (Group) Co Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: >3.1 million TEUs.



Welcome to the world’s busiest container port and the first to exceed 40 million TEUs in a year. Shanghai’s critically important location helps explain its popularity, as it faces the East China Sea, north of Hangzhou Bay, and is close to the Yangtze River as well as densely populated provinces.

Owned By: Shanghai International Port Co Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: >40.2 million TEUs.



A world top 10 container port in terms of size, Xiamen is a deep water ocean freight terminal on Xiamen Island. Able to handle sixth-generation container vessels, the port’s owners merged it with the neighboring Zhangzhou port to create a first-class freight facility with nine container terminals.

Owned By: Xiamen Port Authority.

Annual Container Volume: >10.3 million TEUs.



Formerly known as the Port of Tanggu, Tianjin is northern China’s largest port, acting as a major seafaring gateway to Beijing, which is 170km to the north-west. The world’s fourth largest port in terms of throughput tonnage, Tianjin regularly attracts 115 container lines.

Owned By: Tianjin state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

Annual Container Volume: >15 million TEUs.



Called Ningbo-Zhousan, there has been a port at Ningbo since the year 738. It merged with Zhousan in 2006, creating a huge freight handling hub. Back in 2012, it was the world’s largest port by cargo tonnage.

Owned By: Ningbo-Zhousan Port Co.

Annual Container Volume: >16.8 million TEUs.


Aside from the five ports featured above, Shipa Freight provides FCL and LCL services to the UK from the following ports in China:

  • Nansha
  • Wuhan
  • Zhuhai
  • Dalian
  • Shenzhen
  • Changsha
  • Chongqing
  • Lianyungang
  • Qinzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Zhongshan
  • Guangzhou
  • Fuzhou
  • Shantou

United Kingdom: Ports of Arrival

For shipments to the UK from China, Shipa Freight gives you a choice of arrival ports around the British Isles. We offer a port-to-port and door to door service.


Scotland’s largest port boasts specialist container freight terminals. The port, which is in Falkirk, roughly halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, makes at least a 30% contribution to Scotland’s GDP. There are great road, rail freight and sea connections from Grangemouth to the rest of Scotland, with 70% of the nation’s population living within one hour’s drive of the port.

Owned By: Forth Ports.

Annual Container Volume: >250,000 TEUs.



Located in Suffolk, to the north-east of London, Felixstowe is the UK’s busiest container port, handling almost half of all container trade. It’s a privately-owned port which opened in 1875 and is Europe’s seventh busiest, with its own fire, police and ambulance crews.

Owned By: Hutchison Port Holdings.

Annual Container Volume: >3.8 million TEUs.



Advertised as the UK’s northern gateway for global shippers, Teesport is a deep water sea terminal that supports imports and exports across the north of the UK. Situated on England’s Northeast coast, the port has benefited from substantial investment over the last decade and has fast rail links to the rest of the UK.

Owned By: PD Ports.

Annual Container Volume: >500,000 TEUs.



Belfast Harbour is the major seafaring gateway to Northern Ireland. A critically important logistics hub, the port handles close to 20% of Northern Ireland’s and the Republic of Ireland’s sea-based trade. With liquid, dry and break bulk freight capabilities, the port is perhaps best known for being where the ill-fated vessel The Titanic was built.

Owned By: Belfast Harbour Commissioners.

Annual Container Volume: >125,000 TEUs.


London Gateway

The UK’s fastest growing deep sea port and most technologically advanced container terminal, London Gateway is home to state-of-the-art logistics facilities. Able to host the world’s largest container vessels, the port offers safe and reliable freight handling services close to some of Western Europe’s biggest centers of consumer demand.

Owned By: DP World.

Annual Container Volume: >Est. 3.5 million TEUs.


Other Container Ports in the United Kingdom

In addition to the freight gateways mentioned above, Shipa Freight offers international freight services from China via three more UK ports—Southampton, Liverpool, and London.

Your Guide to Trade Lanes and Transit Times


There are plenty of variables in terms of the routes your freight can take on its westbound voyage from China to the UK. Below is a guide to some of the trade lanes open to you, along with estimated journey times. These don’t take into account any additional over-land travel time for our door-to-door service.

Port of Origin Destination Port Est. Transit Time
Shanghai Belfast 37 Days
Shanghai Felixstowe 29 Days
Shanghai Grangemouth 40 Days
Nanjing Felixstowe 27-41 Days
Nanjing Southampton 27 Days
Dalian Grangemouth 52 Days
Dalian Southampton 39 Days
Dalian Belfast 50 Days
Dalian Felixstowe 34 Days
Xiamen Felixstowe 29 Days
Xiamen Belfast 44 Days
Xiamen Grangemouth 36 Days
Ningbo Felixstowe 29 Days
Ningbo Southampton 29 Days
Ningbo Belfast 29-32 Days
Tianjin Southampton 38 Days
Tianjin Belfast 46 Days
Tianjin Grangemouth 52 Days
Tianjin Felixstowe 36 Days
Tianjin London Gateway 36 Days
Qinzhou Felixstowe 45 Days

Air Freight From China to United Kingdom

With delivery times measured in days rather than weeks, using air transportation to ship freight from China to UK destinations could be your most practicable option if:

  • You need a fast delivery: the sky always beats the sea when it comes to speed.
  • Your products have a short shelf life: perishable goods will arrive fresher using the quicker air-freight mode of shipping.
  • You think there might be delays by sea: public holidays such as Easter or New Year can delay ocean freight arrival times, so it’s wise to send some freight by air to mitigate these delays.
  • You want to reduce risk factors:the longer the transit time, the more risk your goods are exposed to. Air freight times are shorter than in maritime transportation, and hence beneficial as part of a risk mitigation strategy.

Although your freight cost will probably be higher than with ocean shipping air freight is a great option if it makes financial sense for your business, or if your shipments are typically small.

When to Choose Air Freight Over Courier Services

If the chargeable weight of your goods exceeds the 400kg to 500kg mark, air freight typically becomes more cost-efficient than using couriers. Air freight is also best if the cost of what you wish to transport falls within 20% of the total value of the goods.

Getting a competitive quote for shipping goods from China to UK is easy. Just fill in the form at the top of the page.

China: Airports of Origin


Wuhan Tianhe International Airport celebrates 25 years in operation in 2020. That’s a quarter of a century serving the Hubei province of China. It’s the only civic airport in the Wuhan area, but plans are afoot to convert a nearby military airfield into a commercial air freight facility.

UK airports served: London-Heathrow.

Wuhan to UK Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Located 20 miles Northeast of central Beijing, this airport ranks in the top 20 of the world’s busiest freight traffic hubs. Opened in 1958, the airport has seen phenomenal expansion. Originally a one-terminal airport, there are now three, and such is the demand for passenger and freight facilities in the area, a second Beijing airport is scheduled to open in late 2019.

UK airports served: London-Heathrow, Manchester.

Beijing-Capital to UK Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Home to many of China’s airlines, including Spring Airlines, Shanghai-Pudong boasts a quartet of parallel runways and a pair of high-tech terminals. There is also a satellite terminal with two more runways, so plenty of air freight landing and take-off space here.

UK airports served: London-Heathrow.

Shanghai-Pudong to UK Cargo-Only Operators: N/A.



Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport provides air transit services to the capital of the Henan province – Zhengzhou. Built 23 miles southeast of the city, it opened in 1997, and is the busiest airport in central China in terms of freight traffic.

UK airports served: London-Heathrow

Zhengzhou to UK Cargo-Only Operators: Cargolux.



Expansion during the early years of the 21st Century transformed the airport into a traffic hub that can handle an incredible 120,000 tons of air freight every hour. Small wonder Qingdao was rated China’s 15th busiest in 2018. But lack of room to expand the site led the Chinese government to approve the construction of a second airport in the area, which will become the area’s main air hub from late 2019 onwards.

UK Airports Served: London-Heathrow.

Qingdao to UK Cargo-Only Operators: N/A.


Other Airports in China

Shipa Freight can also ship air freight from China to the United Kingdom from these other Chinese airports. Please note that some flights will not be direct from these airports to the UK.

  • Guangzhou
  • Xiamen
  • Chengdu
  • Shenzhen
  • Shanghai Hongqiao

International Air Freight From China: United Kingdom Destination Airports


Travel seven miles southwest of Manchester city center and you’ll reach this international airport. It’s the subject of a £1 billion expansion program that’s due to be completed in 2024. So there will be additions to the two runways and three terminals that currently welcome passengers and freight to the Northwest of England.

Connected Airports in China: Beijing-Capital.

China to Manchester Cargo-Only Operators: None.



The UK’s biggest airport is one of six serving the London area. Heathrow, with its five terminals and two runways, is a major hub for both passenger and cargo traffic, occupying a 12km site west of central London. Transport connections to the rest of the UK are strong, as the airport has rail links and is located close to several main roadways in Southern England, including the M25 and M4 motorways.

Connected Airports in China: Shanghai-Pudong. Beijing-Capital, Chengdu, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou.

China to London-Heathrow Cargo-Only Operators: None.


Air Freight From China: Other UK Gateways

There are other airports that provide entry points into the United Kingdom for air freight from China. For example, in addition to those covered above, we’re able to route your shipments into Birmingham, in the center of England, or Scotland’s Glasgow Airport. However, it’s important to note that shipping to these airports will be indirect, with one or more transhipments en route.

China to UK Air Freight: Trade Lanes and Transit Times

See a few examples of the trade lanes in the sky from China to the United Kingdom to get an idea of how long you can expect your freight to be airborne. The times quoted below are estimated airport-to-airport times. For door-to-door services, please expect to add extra road or rail travel time.

Airport of Origin Destination Airport Est. Transit Time
Shanghai London-Heathrow 12 Hours
Guangzhou London-Heathrow 12 Hours
Qingdao London-Heathrow 12 Hours
Wuhan London-Heathrow 11 Hours
Beijing London-Heathrow 11 Hours
Shenzhen London-Heathrow 13 Hours
Beijing Manchester 11 Hours

Benefits of Using Shipa Freight for China to UK Shipping

Shipa Freight is leveling the playing field of commercial freight transportation, making top quality export and import transit available to all businesses, large and small, in so many ways:

Easy-to-use Tools

The Shipa Freight platform employs fit-for-purpose technology to make import/export shipping fast and simple, from the sign-up stage right through to receipt of goods at their destination.

A Division of Agility Logistics

Our ability to call upon the resources of a globally successful and highly respected logistics company sets Shipa Freight apart as a freight forwarder, ensuring every shipment from China to the UK is carried out professionally, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Offices in China Offices in the UK
Chengdu Feltham Manchester
Chongqing Birmingham Sheffield
Dalian Bristol West Thurrock
Guangzhou Dundee Newtownabbey
Shanghai Derby Glasgow
Qingdao Belfast Ipswich
Tianjin Goole Cleveland
Beijing Luton Liverpool

Putting you in Control

The digitized Shipa Freight platform gives you full visibility of your freight’s status as it moves from China to the United Kingdom. It also simplifies many of the processes and procedures involved in exporting, including cost-calculation and customs clearance.

The Human Touch

We may be a tech-first freight forwarder, but complementing all the technological features of Shipa Freight is our team of support staff, on-hand to provide advice and expertise 24/7. You can reach them via online chat, email or phone.

Cutting Through Customs Confusion

Shipping regulations and customs rules can leave any business confused by the requirements and restrictions. Shipa Freight will guide you through the maze by:

  • Giving you access to information that clearly explains British and Chinese customs rules– see also our International Shipping Guide.
  • Making it clear which customs information you need to provide and send relating to your shipment
  • Answering customs-related questions about exporting from China to the United Kingdom

It’s time to make booking freight forwarding less fraught and more straightforward. Try Shipa Freight and see the difference we make to every aspect of your China to UK shipping activity.

“With Shipa Freight, I could do everything from quotation to booking with just a click”.

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