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International shipping guide from Indonesia

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Before you start talking with freight forwarding companies in Indonesia about exporting your goods overseas, it’s a good idea to perform a little research. Some general knowledge about things like shipping lanes and customs requirements will help you in your discussions and in your assessment of any prospective freight forwarder in Indonesia.

As an alternative to looking for local companies, you could always let Shipa Freight move your shipments out of Indonesia. Whether you choose to do that, or prefer to use an Indonesian logistics provider, we’re very happy to share the information on this page, with the intent to help you get off on the right foot with international freight shipping from Indonesia.


Border Controls in Indonesia: Customs and Export Formalities

As a Shipa Freight customer, you won’t have to worry too much about the management of documents and submissions for the Indonesian customs service, as we will perform much of the necessary processing on your behalf.

We are providing the following details, therefore, largely for your information. However, you will need to provide us with the information necessary to complete your documents. Also, before you can start making commercial shipments from Indonesia, there are some requirements that your business will need to fulfill.

Export Licensing and Registration

Before you can begin shipping goods commercially from Indonesia, you will need to register as an exporter and obtain an NIK or customs identification number from the Indonesian Directorate General of Customs and Excise.

You will also need an Exporter Identification Number or APE. In fact, the APE is essentially a license to export, so there is no possibility of shipping goods from Indonesia without one, unless your business holds one of the following alternative types of export license:

  • Trade license (SIUP) from the Ministry of Trade
  • Manufacturing license from the Ministry of Industry
  • PMA license issued by the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

The Indonesian Customs Export Declaration (PEB)

In order for the customs authorities to clear any of your consignments for international shipping from Indonesia, your freight forwarder (that’s Shipa Freight, if you are shipping your goods with us) will need to submit a completed export declaration, known locally as a PEB.

The PEB provides the customs office with details about your shipment and must include the following information:

  • The identity of the exporter;
  • The identity of the recipient of your goods;
  • The means of transportation by which you will ship your export;
  • The destination country;
  • Information about your goods, such as the type of goods, quantities, and container numbers;
  • Details about the company acting as your customs broker (this can be a specialist customs broker, a logistics company or a freight forwarder in Indonesia or elsewhere, as long as it is the entity taking responsibility for your shipment).

The company shipping your goods must submit the PEB before those goods enter the customs area, but no earlier than seven days before export. It must also submit the following documents to accompany the PEB:

  • Bill of Lading (or Airway bill if you are shipping air cargo in Indonesia);
  • A commercial Invoice;
  • A packing List;
  • An insurance Certificate;
  • A certificate of Origin for your goods.

You may also need to provide other documents, depending upon the types of goods you are shipping. These documents may include a taxpayer ID number (known as an NPWP), quality statements, or quality certificates. Perhaps a Truth Examination Report (or LKP) may also be required if your goods are of a type requiring export tax payment.

Restrictions on International Shipping from Indonesia

The Indonesian government imposes certain controls on the export of goods from the country. You can find more details about products that are restricted or prohibited from exportation on the DGNED website, but essentially, there are four categories (or levels) of control.

The categories for international shipping from Indonesia are as follows:

  • Goods free to export: These types of goods are not restricted, so you are free to export them provided you meet the requirements required for the government to recognize you as an exporter.
  • Goods subject to export trade system: If you wish to export these goods, you must first attain registration as a recognized exporter of those specific goods.
  • Export controlled goods: You can only export these types of goods after attaining the explicit approval of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.
  • Export-prohibited goods: As the title suggests, you may not ship these goods out of Indonesia under any circumstances.

International Shipping from Indonesia: Ocean Freight Routes

The information in this section deals with port-to-port shipping only, but if you choose us as your export freight forwarder for Indonesia, we are also able to provide port-to-door and door-to-door shipping to locations in any of the 100 countries where we operate.


The majority of freight forwarding companies in Indonesia primarily specializes in ocean freight. This is understandable, as ocean freight tends to be the shipping mode of choice for exporters, mainly because it is less costly than sending goods as air cargo from Indonesia. In fact, for larger shipments, ocean freight is often the only practical solution.

Top Ocean Freight Lanes for Shipping from Indonesia

The following five routes are some of the most frequently used by freight forwarding companies in Indonesia to ship clients’ goods consignments out of the country:

  • Jakarta to Singapore
  • Jakarta to Shanghai (China)
  • Surabaya to Shanghai (China)
  • Jakarta to Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia)
  • Surabaya to Singapore

The Longest and Shortest routes for International Shipping from Indonesia

The longest ocean freight routes from Indonesia channel exports to countries in Northern Europe. For instance, the route from Jakarta to Klaipeda in Lithuania involves a transit time of 50 days, with similar transit times attached to the routes from Jakarta to Oslo in Norway and Helsinki in Finland.

The shortest routes are those connecting Indonesia with Singapore and Malaysia. In fact, the shortest route of all, from Belawan to Malaysia’s Penang port, has a transit time of just one day.

Main Ocean Routes for Export Shipping from Indonesia

To America

Port of Origin Destination Country Destination Port Approximate Duration
Jakarta Canada Vancouver 25 Days
Jakarta Canada Montreal 45 days
Jakarta United States Atlanta 35 Days
Jakarta United States Baltimore 43 Days
Jakarta United States Boston 41 Days
Jakarta United States Houston 45 days
Jakarta United States Oakland 34 Days
Surabaya United States Miami 48 days
Jakarta United States Miami 47 Days
Surabaya United States Norfolk 39 Days
Jakarta United States Norfolk 39 Days
Jakarta United States Seattle 28 Days
Surabaya United States Seattle 32 Days
Jakarta United States Mobile 35 Days
Surabaya United States Mobile 44 Days
Jakarta United States Los Angeles 23 Days
Jakarta United States Long Beach 23 Days
Surabaya United States Long Beach 35 Days
Surabaya United States Los Angeles 34 Days
Jakarta United States Tacoma 29 Days
Surabaya United States Tacoma 32 Days
Jakarta United States Savannah 43 Days
Surabaya United States Savannah 41 Days
Surabaya United States Charleston 45 Days
Jakarta United States Charleston 45 Days
Jakarta United States Port Everglades 48 Days
Surabaya United States Port Everglades 47 days

To Europe

Port of Origin Destination Country Destination Port Approximate Duration
Surabaya Belgium Antwerp 38 Days
Jakarta Belgium Antwerp 30 Days
Jakarta Denmark Aarhus 43 Days
Jakarta Denmark Copenhagen 47 Days
Jakarta Finland Helsinki 49 Days
Jakarta France Fos-sur-Mer 35 Days
Jakarta Germany Bremerhaven 33 Days
Surabaya Germany Bremerhaven 36 Days
Jakarta Germany Hamburg 37 Days
Jakarta Italy Ancona 40 Days
Jakarta Italy Genoa 36 Days
Jakarta Lithuania Klaipeda 50 Days
Jakarta Netherlands Rotterdam 39 Days
Jakarta Norway Oslo 49 Days
Jakarta Poland Gdansk 40 Days
Jakarta Portugal Lisbon 43 Days
Jakarta Russia Arkhangelsk 45 Days
Jakarta Russia Vladivostok 18 Days
Surabaya Slovenia Koper 32 Days
Jakarta Slovenia Koper 32 Days
Surabaya Slovenia Koper 33 Days
Jakarta Spain Algeciras 36 Days
Surabaya Spain Barcelona 28 Days
Jakarta Spain Barcelona 31 Days
Jakarta Spain Bilbao 45 Days
Surabaya Spain Valencia 31 Days
Jakarta Spain Valencia 31 Days
Surabaya Sweden Gothenburg 40 Days
Jakarta Sweden Gothenburg 34 Days
Jakarta United Kingdom Belfast 45 Days
Jakarta United Kingdom Grangemouth 43 Days
Surabaya United Kingdom London Gateway 32 Days
Jakarta United Kingdom London Gateway 29 Days
Surabaya United Kingdom Felixstowe 32 Days
Jakarta United Kingdom Felixstowe 29 Days
Surabaya United Kingdom Southampton 32 Days
Jakarta United Kingdom Southampton 29 Days

To Africa and the Middle East

Port of Origin Destination Country Destination Port Approximate Duration
Jakarta Morocco Casablanca 40 Days
Jakarta Saudi Arabia Ad Dammam 14 Days
Jakarta Saudi Arabia Jeddah 25 Days
Surabaya Saudi Arabia Jeddah 25 Days
Jakarta Saudi Arabia Riyadh 30 Days
Surabaya Saudi Arabia Riyadh 32 Days
Jakarta United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 17 Days
Jakarta United Arab Emirates Dubai 20 Days
Surabaya United Arab Emirates Dubai 21 Days
Jakarta United Arab Emirates Jebel Ali 20 Days
Surabaya United Arab Emirates Jebel Ali 21 days

To Asia/Oceania

Port of Origin Destination Country Destination Port Approximate Duration
Jakarta Australia Adelaide 13 Days
Jakarta Australia Brisbane 15 Days
Jakarta Australia Fremantle 9 Days
Jakarta Australia Melbourne 10 Days
Jakarta Australia Sydney 13 Days
Jakarta Bangladesh Chittagong 12 Days
Surabaya Bangladesh Chittagong 11 Days
Jakarta China Shanghai 14 Days
Surabaya China Shanghai 13 Days
Jakarta China Ningbo 14 Days
Surabaya China Ningbo 15 Days
Jakarta China Dalian 17 Days
Surabaya China Dalian 17 Days
Jakarta China Qingdao 18 Days
Surabaya China Qingdao 20 Days
Semarang China Qingdao 23 Days
Jakarta China Xiamen 18 Days
Surabaya China Xiamen 18 Days
Surabaya China Guangzhou 14 Days
Surabaya China Shenzhen 16 Days
Jakarta China Shenzhen 6 Days
Surabaya China Nansha 7 Days
Jakarta China Nansha 9 Days
Jakarta China Changsha 32 Days
Jakarta Hong Kong Hong Kong 7 Days
Surabaya Hong Kong Hong Kong 13 Days
Semarang Hong Kong Hong Kong 13 Days
Jakarta India Chennai 14 Days
Jakarta Japan Nagoya 15 Days
Surabaya Japan Nagoya 16 Days
Semarang Japan Nagoya 16 Days
Jakarta Japan Tokyo 12 Days
Surabaya Japan Tokyo 11 Days
Semarang Japan Tokyo 13 Days
Jakarta Japan Kobe 16 Days
Surabaya Japan Kobe 15 Days
Semarang Japan Kobe 17 Days
Semarang Japan Shimizu 15 Days
Jakarta Japan Shimizu 16 Days
Semarang Japan Yokohama 14 Days
Surabaya Japan Yokohama 12 Days
Surabaya Japan Shimizu 13 Days
Jakarta Japan Yokohama 13 Days
Jakarta Malaysia Tanjung Pelepas 5 Days
Surabaya Malaysia Tanjung Pelepas 6 Days
Belawan Malaysia Tanjung Pelepas 3 Days
Semarang Malaysia Tanjung Pelepas 3 Days
Jakarta Malaysia Port Klang 4 Days
Semarang Malaysia Port Klang 10 Days
Surabaya Malaysia Port Klang 4 Days
Belawan Malaysia Port Klang 2 Days
Surabaya Malaysia Penang 6 Days
Belawan Malaysia Penang 1 Day
Jakarta New Zealand Auckland 24 Days
Jakarta Philippines Cebu 11 Days
Jakarta Philippines Davao 5 Days
Surabaya Philippines Davao 3 Days
Semarang Philippines Manila 14 Days
Jakarta Philippines Manila 10 Days
Surabaya Philippines Manila 12 Days
Jakarta South Korea Busan 17 Days
Surabaya South Korea Busan 16 Days
Surabaya South Korea Kwangyang 14 Days
Jakarta South Korea Kwangyang 15 Days
Jakarta Singapore Singapore 2 Days
Semarang Singapore Singapore 3 Days
Belawan Singapore Singapore 2 Days
Surabaya Singapore Singapore 3 Days
Jakarta Sri Lanka Colombo 16 Days
Surabaya Sri Lanka Colombo 14 Days
Jakarta Taiwan Taipei 9 Days
Jakarta Taiwan Kaohsiung 13 Days
Surabaya Taiwan Kaohsiung 10 Days
Semarang Taiwan Kaohsiung 8 Days
Surabaya Thailand Bangkok 8 Days
Semarang Thailand Bangkok 10 Days
Semarang Thailand Laem Chabang 10 Days
Surabaya Thailand Laem Chabang 9 Days
Jakarta Thailand Laem Chabang 4 Days
Belawan Thailand Laem Chabang 8 Days
Jakarta Vietnam Haiphong 9 Days
Surabaya Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City 3 Days
Jakarta Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City 3 Days

Air Freight from Indonesia

The following information covers some of the main routes for shipping air cargo from Indonesia. You may notice that most of the details relate to airport-to-airport shipping. However, Shipa Freight provides a full range of services for customers with air cargo in Indonesia, including port-to-door and door-to-door shipment to destinations in 100 countries.


Busiest Trade Lanes for Air Freight from Indonesia

The busiest routes used by carriers to ship air cargo from Indonesia are those that link the islands to the mainland of Southeast Asia. Five of the most popular air freight lanes are as follows:

  • Jakarta to Hong Kong
  • Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Denpasar to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Denpasar to Melbourne (Australia)

Air Freight from Indonesia: Longest and Shortest Transit Times

The longest air freight routes from Indonesia connect the airport of Jakarta with destinations in Western Europe. The transit time for cargo flights from Jakarta to London is 14 hours, with a similar transit time from Jakarta to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The shortest transit times are on routes from Indonesia to Malaysia and Singapore. The routes from Jakarta or Surabaya to Penang in Malaysia and Singapore’s Changi Airport all take around two hours from terminal to terminal.

Key Air Freight Routes from Indonesia

To Europe

Airport of Origin Destination Country Destination Airport Approximate Duration
Jakarta Netherlands Amsterdam 14 Hours
Jakarta United Kingdom London Heathrow 14 Hours

To Asia/Oceania

Airport of Origin Destination Country Destination Airport Approximate Duration
Jakarta Australia Sydney 7 Hours
Denpasar Australia Brisbane 5 Hours
Denpasar Australia Sydney 6 Hours
Denpasar Australia Melbourne 5 Hours
Jakarta Australia Melbourne 6 Hours
Denpasar Australia Adelaide 6 Hours
Jakarta China Guangzhou 5 Hours
Denpasar China Wuhan 6 Hours
Jakarta China Xiamen 5 Hours
Denpasar China Xiamen 5 Hours
Denpasar China Chengdu 7 Hours
Jakarta China Beijing 6 Hours
Denpasar China Beijing 7 Hours
Jakarta China Shenzhen 5 Hours
Jakarta China Shanghai 6 Hours
Denpasar China Shanghai 6 Hours
Denpasar Hong Kong Hong Kong 5 Hours
Surabaya Hong Kong Hong Kong 4 Hours
Jakarta Hong Kong Hong Kong 5 Hours
Denpasar Japan Tokyo 7 Hours
Jakarta Japan Tokyo 7 Hours
Jakarta Malaysia Penang 2 Hours
Surabaya Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 2 Hours
Denpasar Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 3 Hours
Jakarta Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 3 Hours
Jakarta South Korea Seoul 6 hours
Denpasar South Korea Seoul 7 Hours
Jakarta Philippines Manila 4 Hours
Denpasar Philippines Manila 4 Hours
Jakarta Singapore Singapore 2 Hours
Surabaya Singapore Singapore 2 Hours
Denpasar Singapore Singapore 3 Hours
Denpasar Thailand Bangkok 4 Hours
Jakarta Thailand Bangkok 3 Hours
Jakarta Taiwan Taipei 5 Hours

To Africa and the Middle East

Airport of Origin Destination Country Destination Airport Approximate Duration
Jakarta Oman Muscat 8 Hours
Jakarta Qatar Doha 9 Hours
Jakarta Saudi Arabia Jeddah 10 Hours
Jakarta Turkey Istanbul 11 Hours
Jakarta UAE Dubai 8 Hours
Jakarta UAE Abu Dhabi 8 Hours

Freight Shipping from Indonesia: It’s Simple with Shipa Freight

If you’re not familiar with the intricacies of logistics in Indonesia, it’s easy to run into difficulties and find your goods delayed before they even leave the country. That’s why it makes good sense to choose a freight forwarder with a local Indonesian presence. Shipa Freight is backed by Agility, a major global logistics company, with offices and operations in Indonesia and around 100 other countries.

We can help you with domestic logistics in Indonesia, get your shipments swiftly through customs, and manage them through to their final destinations. All of these can be done via our easy-to-use online platform, and with a little extra assistance from our customer support team when necessary.

Shipping from Indonesia is simple with Shipa Freight, but if you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out and make contact with us.

We’re ready and waiting to answer your questions and provide you with a competitive quote for ocean or air freight from Indonesia—to anywhere.

“With Shipa Freight, I could do everything from quotation to booking with just a click”.

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