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Transporting products from China to Germany no longer needs to be a hassle. The Shipa Freight digital platform brings new simplicity to the import/export process, drawing on Agility Logistics’ worldwide shipping expertise and impressive network of supply chain resources.

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If the world of global trading, exporting and importing leaves you baffled, Shipa Freight promises to deliver a breath of fresh air. Our new internet platform powered by digital technology and backed by our parent company, Agility Logistics, makes signing up for, booking, and tracking your freight from China to Germany easier than ever. And our competitive quotes ensure shipments are priced to suit the budgets of all kinds of businesses.

At Shipa Freight, we’ll literally take a load off your mind.

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Ocean Freight From China to Germany – FCL or LCL?


Now you can spend more time building your business and less time worrying about the cost and complexity of air and maritime shipping from China to Germany. Get started by completing our simple form, and you’ll get an online quote for your shipment, usually within minutes. If you’re shipping products in quantities that will fill 6 or 12 standard-size pallets, go for a full container load (FCL). If your load is less than a container load (LCL), we can help with that too—and we’ll deliver door to door or port-to-port, whatever works best for you.

China: Ports of Origin

Whether you are planning to send your goods as an FCL or LCL shipment from China to Germany, here are some of the ports in China from where your westbound shipment can depart.


Situated on the south-eastern coast of Fujian on the Minjiang River, the port of Fuzhou is a man-made, deep water port. It’s the closest mainland port to Thailand.

Owned by: Fuzhou Port Group Corporation Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: > 3 million TEUs.



Situated where the Yangtze River meets the Hanjiang River, the port of Wuhan is a medium-sized shipping terminal that has 244 berths for seafaring vessels. Like many Chinese ports, the owners are actively seeking to expand the facility to cope with increasing demand and the ever-larger vessels used by shipping lines.

Owned by: Wuhan Port Group Company Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: >500,000 TEUs.



Nestling on the southern tip of the Liaodong peninsula, this is China’s most northerly ice-free port and is regarded as the gateway to the Pacific. It also holds the status as the biggest multi-purpose port in north east China, serving other countries in east and north Asia, as well as the Pacific Rim.

Owned by: Dalian Port Corporation Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: >9.7 million TEUs.



As the lone port in eastern Guangdong, Shantou has an important role to play for shipping in the region. Located adjacent to the city that shares its name, the port has experienced heavy usage in recent decades and is earmarked for expansion in the 2020s.

Owned by: Shantou Port Affairs Bureau.

Annual Container Volume: >1.25 million TEUs.



This 131-berth port is located on the west bank of the Pearl River estuary in Guangdong Province. The importance of the port as a freight hub was illustrated in 2013 when its throughput figures exceeded 100 million tonnes for the first time.

Owned by: Zhuhai Port Corporation.

Annual Container Volume: >2.25 million TEUs.


Don’t see a port you want to use above? Don’t worry. Shipa Freight also provides both LCL and FCL shipping services from the following Chinese ports of origin:

  • Nansha
  • Tianjin
  • Ningbo-Zhoushan
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Changsha
  • Chonqing
  • Lianyungang
  • Qinzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Zhongshan
  • Guangzhou
  • Nanjing
  • Xiamen

Germany: Ports of Arrival

Wherever you want your shipment to Germany to arrive, one of the following two seaports on Germany’s northern coast will be the destination.


Undoubtedly one of Europe’s most important universal ports, Bremerhaven handles all types of freight. Its location in North-western Germany allows direct access to the North Sea. Bremerhaven Port’s facilities include four terminals and 14 berths.

Owned By: Bremen Port Authority.

Annual Container Volume: >5.5 million TEUs.



With close to 300 berths and four state-of-the-art terminals for containers, Hamburg is Europe’s third largest container port, and is in the world’s top 20 in terms of size.**

Owned By: Hamburg Port Authority, Hamburg Hafen und Logistik AG.

Annual Container Volume: >8.8 million TEUs.


Trade Lanes and Transit Times

As an important trade lane between the Far East and Europe, freight routes between China and Germany are many and varied. If you’re unsure about which is best for you, your supplier, or your customer, we’re here to help, and that’s why we’ve compiled the route list below.

The list is by no means comprehensive, but will give you an idea of the available options and delivery times for ocean shipping from China to Germany. We have also included estimates of the shipment transit times. Please note that if you book our door-to-door shipping service, you’ll need to factor domestic land journeys into the overall delivery time.

Port of Origin Destination Port Est. Transit Time
Dalian Hamburg 18 Days
Zhuhai Hamburg 31 Days
Fuzhou Hamburg 31Days
Fuzhou Bremerhaven 31 Days
Zhuhai Bremerhaven 31 Days
Dalian Bremerhaven 18 Days
Zongshan Hamburg 31-40 Days
Zongshan Bremerhaven 31-40 Days
Qingdao Hamburg 31-40 Days
Qingdao Bremerhaven 31-40 Days
Shanghai Hamburg 31 Days
Shanghai Bremerhaven 31 Days
Nanjing Hamburg 38 Days
Nanjing Bremerhaven 38 Days
Xiamen Hamburg 36 Days
Xiamen Bremerhaven 36 Days
Chongqing Hamburg 49 Days
Chongqing Bremerhaven 49 Days
Qinzhou Hamburg 38 Days
Qinzhou Bremerhaven 38 Days

Air Freight From China to Germany


Taking to the skies could be the best option for your products when shipping from China to Germany, and despite the higher shipping rates associated with air freight, there are good reasons for choosing a freight forwarder specializing in this mode of transportation:

  • Speed: air freight can get goods from supplier to customer quicker than any ocean route.
  • Perishables: if the goods you are transporting from China to Germany have a short shelf-life, they’re unlikely to be at their best after a few weeks at sea. Shipping them by air could well be a more practicable option.
  • Delays: you can reduce the impact and cost of any hold-ups caused, for instance, by public holidays such as Chinese New Year – by shipping some freight by air.
  • Urgency: if you need to ship from China to Germany like yesterday, an air freight forwarder will help you meet those deadlines
  • Risk: the less time your goods spend in transit from China to Germany, the less chance there is of things going wrong along the way.

If you can afford the extra shipping cost involved, sending goods by air makes sense. Also, if you only have a small shipment to send, air freight is often the most cost-effective option.

When to Choose Air Freight Over International Express Couriers

  • When your chargeable weight exceeds the 400kg to 500kg mark
  • If the shipping cost of air freight is within 20% of the value of the goods

Air freight is fast. And as you might expect from an online freight forwarder, so are our quotes for shipping from China to Germany.

To get yours, just use the form at the top of the page.

China: Airports of Origin


Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (to give it its full name) serves the city of the same name. It’s actually about 20 miles from the city centre and has benefited in recent times from having a second runway built, as well as a new terminal.

Germany airports served: Cologne, Frankfurt.

Shenzhen to Germany Cargo-Only Operators: UPS Airlines.



Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is Guangdong Province’s premier airport and China’s third biggest cargo airport. A vital hub for the movement of air freight to and from the Far East, the airport ranks in the top 20 of the busiest hubs in the world.

Germany airports served: Cologne, Frankfurt.

Guangzhou to Germany Cargo-Only Operators: Lufthansa Cargo, FedEx Express.



Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport serves the capital of Sichuan Province. It’s a vital aviation hub for western China, and is the fourth busiest in China in terms of freight traffic. It started life as a military airfield in the 1930s and now has flights to over 170 domestic and 50 international destinations.

Germany airports served: Frankfurt.

Chengdu to Germany Cargo-Only Operators: Lufthansa Cargo.



Qingdao Liuting International Airport is located just under 20 miles from the city that bears its name. Surrounded by urban developments and with little room to expand, the airport is due to be superseded by Qingdao Jiadong Airport in late 2019 / early 2020.

Germany airports served: Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart.

Qingdao to Germany Cargo-Only Operators: N/A.



Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport serves as a major air transport hub in west China. The airport has three terminals and ranks as China’s tenth busiest for freight, according to a 2016 report. A new terminal and fourth runway are scheduled for completion in the mid-2020s.

Germany airports served: Frankfurt.

Chongqing to Germany Cargo-Only Operators:Lufthansa Cargo, Air China Cargo.


Other Airports in China

In addition to the five featured airports above, Shipa Freight can help transport goods from China to Germany via various routes (some indirect) from the following China airports:

  • Shanghai-Pudong
  • Beijing-Capital
  • Wuhan
  • Xiamen
  • Zhengzhou
  • Dalian
  • Tianjin

Air Freight From China: Destination Airports in Germany


As the airport serving Germany’s north Rhine region, Dusseldorf ranks as Germany’s third largest and third busiest. Half-owned by the city of Dusseldorf, the airport, which has three terminals, is small in size when compared against others with a similar capacity, but has all the modern facilities you would expect from a leading air travel hub.

Connected Airports in China: Beijing-Capital, Zhengzhou, Shanghai-Pudong, Nanjing, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao, .

China to Dusseldorf Cargo-Only Operators : N/A.



Frankfurt serves as the main base for Germany’s Lufthansa Airline, including Lufthansa Cargo. It boasts a quartet of runways and impressive freight-handling facilities. Passenger-wise, it’s Germany’s busiest airport, and Europe’s fourth busiest. To give you an idea of the size of the freight handling capacity at Frankfurt Airport, its freight zone has been deemed worthy of naming—it’s known as Cargo City.

Connected Airports in China: Beijing-Capital, Shanghai-Pudong, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Nanjing, Ningbo, Tianjin.

China to Frankfurt Cargo-Only Operators : Air China Cargo, China Cargo Airlines, China Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo.



Named after former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Hamburg airport is just over five miles north of the city centre and ranks as Germany’s fifth busiest. There are two terminals plus the capacity to handle wide aircraft such as the Airbus A380.

Connected Airports in China: Shanghai-Pudong, Beijing-Capital, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Dalian, Tianjin, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Chonqing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Qingdao, Xiamen.

China to Hamburg Cargo-Only Operators : N/A.


Leipzig / Halle

This is Europe’s fifth busiest cargo airport and second only to Frankfurt in terms of handling freight in Germany. The airport is also notable for the presence of NATO military installations within its boundaries.

Connected Airports in China: Shanghai-Pudong.

China to Leipzig / Halle Cargo-Only Operators : DHL Aviation.



Directly south of the city of Stuttgart, this airport is named after popular former mayor Manfred Rommel and features four passenger terminals.

Connected Airports in China: Beijing-Capital, Shanghai-Pudong, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Qingdao.

China to Stuttgart Cargo-Only Operators : N/A.


Air Freight From China: Other Entry Points in Germany

There are other airports that provide entry points into Germany for air freight from China. For example, in addition to those covered above, we’re able to route your shipments into Berlin Tegel, Nuremberg, or Munich.

Routes Used for Air Freight From China to Germany

Airports with flights that connect China and Germany are shown in the table below, which also includes estimated flight times. Please note that these times do not take into account possible customs processing delays or domestic transport times.

Airport of Origin Destination Airport Est. Transit Time
Beijing Frankfurt 10 Hours
Beijing Berlin 10 Hours
Beijing Dusseldorf 11 Hours
Shanghai Frankfurt 11 Hours
Nanjing Frankfurt 11 Hours
Guangzhou Frankfurt 11 Hours

Top Reasons to Ship From China to Germany With Shipa Freight

Our online platform benefits businesses looking to ship freight from China to Germany in so many ways:

An International Presence

As a division of Agility Logistics—a world leader in transportation—Shipa Freight has access to logistics assets and professional teams in both China and Germany:

Offices in China Offices in Germany
Chengdu Dortmund Frankfurt
Chongqing Kuenzell Korntal-Muenchingen
Dalian Hanover Dusseldorf
Guangzhou Leipzig Hamburg
Shanghai Mannheim Hanover
Qingdao Munich Stuttgart
Tianjin Nuremberg
Beijing Bremen

User Friendly Tools

Shipa Freight makes online freight forwarding between China and Germany the most stress-free it’s ever been.

Impressive Logistics Resources

As part of the Agility Logistics group, we’re able to call on the expertise and resources of a major global warehouse and transportation provider.

Advanced Technology

The Shipa Freight platform brings the benefits of digital technology to the world of freight forwarding. Easier processes, more control and greater visibility of shipments between China and Germany are just a few of the cost and performance benefits for your enterprise.

Customer-Service Committed

In tandem with the technology, we never forget that retaining a human element is vital to the service we provide. That’s why we ensure worldwide shipping and pricing experts are available 24/7 via phone, email or online chat.

Customs Compliance Simplified

Different territories have differing shipping regulations. Navigating them is perhaps one of the trickiest elements of exporting and importing. Or at least it was before Shipa Freight, because our online platform:

  • Intelligently uses the information you provide to complete and submit essential documentation you need to supply for exports from China to Germany, making it a whole lot easier to get that all-important customs clearance.
  • Gives you access to basic customs information for shipments from China to Germany – see also our International Shipping Guide.

Finally, importing and exporting between China and Germany is a practice accessible to all kinds of business—and now it just got simpler, thanks to technology and services from Shipa Freight.

“With Shipa Freight, I could do everything from quotation to booking with just a click”.

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