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Ocean & Air Shipping From India to Mexico

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Over 15,000 kilometers separate India and Mexico. That’s too far for current aircraft to fly direct and a long way for ocean vessels. Despite the huge distance, trade between India and Mexico totaled $10 billion in 2018.

The goods regularly making the journey from the Indian subcontinent to Central America include jewelry, textiles, and software. Whatever goods your business wishes to import or export from India to Mexico, freight forwarders will be ready to arrange a shipment by ocean or air freight for you.

Flying your goods via indirect flights is the fastest way, with most air freight shipping taking around eight days. Shipping ocean freight takes much longer.

Trade lanes from seaports in Western India tend to head through the Suez Canal, along the Mediterranean Sea, and across the Atlantic to reach Mexico. Routes from ports in Eastern India can go the opposite way, passing Malaysia and the Philippines before heading out into the Pacific Ocean. Both are long journeys that can take five to eight weeks.

Shipping Ocean Freight From India to Mexico

Freight forwarding professional leaning on a stack of cartons, adjacent to flags of India and Mexico

Expect any sea freight sent from India to Mexico to spend at least five weeks at sea. The journey is long and not suited to goods with a short shelf-life. But ocean shipping is still a great way to ship goods between the two countries, thanks to the variety of containers in which your goods can be shipped. These include:

  • Open top containers for extra high or long cargo
  • Flatback containers for very heavy or awkwardly shaped products
  • Tank containers for gases and liquids
  • Refrigerated containers for temperature-sensitive goods
  • Ventilated containers for consignments that need air circulation
  • Half-height containers for small amounts of bulky freight such as stones

There are two ways to ship ocean freight—FCL or LCL. These terms are explained below. Another decision shippers need to make is what their port of origin in India and port of arrival in Mexico will be. Such decisions are usually influenced by the location of the shipper’s manufacturing hub or supply chain link in India, and the final destination of the goods in Mexico.

A good freight forwarder will be able to arrange every aspect of the shipment, and offer the following delivery options to customers:

  • Port to port
  • Port to door
  • Door to port
  • Door to door

Sending a Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) From India to Mexico

For sea freight that weighs over 100kg but is less than 15 cubic meters in volume, LCL is often the most cost-effective shipping option. Your goods will share a container with other products from other businesses and will be shipped to Mexico aboard a cargo vessel.

A process called consolidation will take place in the port of origin to combine your goods with others for the journey in a shipping container from India to Mexico. This, together with the deconsolidation that will need to occur in Mexico, can mean that LCL shipping takes longer than FCL.

Full Container Load (FCL) From India to Mexico

Another way to ship a container on a cargo vessel from India to Mexico is by FCL (Full Container Load). Shippers aren’t required to fill a container with goods. FCL simply denotes a form of ocean shipping in which a business gets exclusive use of a container which they can fill with as many or as few goods as they like.

With FCL, a container can be sealed wherever in India it is loaded, and not be opened until it reaches its final destination in Mexico. However, customs officers can ask for the container to be opened for them to inspect.

Less handling of your goods will take place with FCL as no consolidation or de-consolidation is required. It’s why many shippers—even those without enough goods to fill a standard 20ft container—sometimes choose FCL ahead of LCL.

Cargo Ports of Origin in India


If Western India is where your supplier or manufacturer is located, the Port of Mundra could be the best port of origin for you. It’s a privately-owned facility that ranks in the world’s top 50 container ports. Four container terminals offer expert loading and consolidation services for FCL and LCL shipping to Mexico.

Owned By: Adani Group.

Annual Container Volume: >4 million TEUs.


Nhava Sheva

In 2019, the Port of Nhava Sheva set a new record for annual cargo throughput in India, breaking through the five million TEUs barrier. The port has facilities to process even more freight in five container terminals that are already responsible for handling over half of India’s containerized-freight traffic.

Owned By: Government of India.

Annual Container Volume: >5 million TEUs.



Have you got a manufacturing hub in Southern India? Exporting goods from the Port of Chennai to Mexico could save you money on road and rail transit costs if you choose this port based in the Bay of Bengal. Known as ‘The Gateway to Southern India’, the port could be your gateway to quicker exporting of goods to Mexico by FCL or LCL ocean shipping.

Owned By: Chennai Port Trust, Ministry of Shipping.

Annual Container Volume: >1.5 million TEUs.



Hazira is a deepwater multi-cargo port lying to the southwest of Surat in India. Container facilities at this privately-owned port are excellent. So too its links to Northern, Northwestern and Central India—handy if that’s where your exports to Mexico originate.

Owned By: Adani Group.

Annual Container Volume: >300,000 TEUs.



This port was re-named Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee Port in January 2020. It’s a river-based shipping hub over 200km from the sea and is India’s oldest port. It features 86 wharves and 28 berths on the quayside. The port ranked third in India for container traffic in 2018-2019, and the number of containers handled increased by over 4% to over 829,000 TEUs.

Owned By: Kolkata Port Trust, Ministry of Shipping.

Annual Container Volume: >825,000 TEUs.


Other Ports of Origin in India

In addition to the gateways featured above, with Shipa Freight there are other ports you can use to ship to Mexico:

  • Visakhapatnam
  • Kattupalli
  • Tuticorin
  • Pipavav
  • Haldia
  • Krishnapatnam
  • Mormugao

Cargo Ports of Arrival in Mexico

Lazaro Cardenas

If your goods from India are destined for Northern Mexico or the South Western United States, discharging them here is a good option. The port is only 110km from the border with California in the USA. Ensenada and Tijuana in Mexico are also within easy reach.

Owned By: Port Authority of Lazaro Cardenas.

Annual Container Volume: >190,000 TEUs.



On the East Coast of Mexico, 300km from the capital Mexico City is where you’ll find the Port of Veracruz. The area is a magnet for international tourists as well as global shippers. The port is located in an area of Mexico ideal for the onward distribution of goods across Southern and Central regions of the country.

Owned By: Administración Portuaria Integral de Veracruz.

Annual Container Volume: >900,000 TEUs.



Within 400km of the border with the United States of America, Altamira is one of Mexico’s smaller ports. It’s used by many businesses to import chemical goods into Central America. Whatever type of goods you wish to export or import from India to Mexico, this port on the northern shores of the Gulf of Mexico has the facilities to process them.

Owned By: Administración Portuaria Integral Altamira.

Annual Container Volume: >680,000 TEUs.



Mexico’s largest port lies on the country’s Pacific West Coast. It’s a gateway for goods that require delivery into Central Mexico. Already Latin America’s third-largest sea freight hub, plans announced in July 2019 will see the port expand further, with a new container goods facility to be included.

Owned By: Hutchison Port Holdings.

Annual Container Volume: >3 million TEUs.


Air Freight From India to Mexico

Current aircraft cannot fly the 15,000 kilometers between India and Mexico non-stop. So freight forwarders will use indirect routes to ship your freight. Air shipping is still by far the quickest way of exporting or importing from India to Mexico. It’s several weeks quicker.

But the faster transit time isn’t the only reason you should consider sending your goods by air freight:

  • It usually costs less to insure air cargo than ocean freight due to less time spent in transit
  • Air shipping is often more cost-effective for smaller consignments of just a few pallets
  • The shorter journey duration better suits time- and temperature-sensitive goods
  • Airports and airlines have better security provisions than ocean shippers—worth knowing if you plan to ship valuables

Airports of Origin in India


Chennai has both an airport and a seaport. Choose to fly goods from the airport to Mexico if they are urgently required as sending air freight is not just quicker by a few days—it’s weeks quicker. Chennai Airport has dedicated facilities for businesses exporting or importing fruit, flowers, vegetables, and other perishables.

Mexico Airports Served: None.

Chennai to Mexico Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Near India's West Coast, Mumbai Airport attracts an annual cargo throughput of 900,000 tonnes. Only Delhi processes more air freight in India. Mumbai’s air cargo terminal is huge, with specialist facilities for handling delicates and perishables. And with delivery to Mexico in about eight days, flying goods from here via indirect passenger or cargo-only services is one of the quickest ways from India to Central America.

Mexico Airports Served: None.

Mumbai to Mexico Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport serves the Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad areas of Gujarat in India. Choose this airport if your goods originate here or the final link in your supply chain is located in the region. It could save you time and money during the overland transit phase of the shipping process.

Mexico Airports Served: None.

Ahmedabad to Mexico Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Serving the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, Bangalore Airport has two runways, the second of which opened in December 2019. The cargo village has three terminals in which commercial goods bound for Mexico can be processed and consolidated.

Mexico Airports Served: None.

Bangalore to Mexico Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Delhi Airport became India’s busiest air cargo handling center in 2015, overtaking Mumbai. It’s now South Asia’s largest cargo gateway, covering over 2000 hectares about 16km southwest of New Delhi city center. Its state-of-the-art facilities include two integrated cargo terminals, a logistics center, and an advanced temperature-controlled storage area.

Mexico Airports Served: None.

Delhi to Mexico Cargo-Only Operators: None.


Other Airports of Origin in India

There are other airports in India from where Shipa Freight can arrange for your goods to be flown by indirect services to Mexico. They are:

  • Cochin
  • Coimbatore
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata

Airports of Arrival in Mexico


Monterrey Airport ranks in the top 15 air cargo hubs in Latin America. Two runways and a six-hectare air freight terminal handle cargo from all over the world, including exports and imports from India to Mexico. Rail and road connections to Northern Mexico are effective, so onward distribution of goods can be quick and easy from here.

Connected Airports in India: None.

India to Monterrey Cargo-Only Operators: None.


Mexico City

Just 5km from downtown Mexico City, this airport attracts air freight shipping from all over the world. Freight forwarders can usually fly goods from India to this huge air facility in about eight days. That makes it one of the quickest ways to ship commercial freight from the Indian subcontinent to Latin America.

Connected Airports in India: None.

India to Mexico City Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Mexico’s second-biggest air freight hub features a 27,000 square meter cargo terminal which can store 350,000 tonnes of goods. The airport is located 16km south of the city center and features an apron allowing six aircraft of any size to load or unload simultaneously.

Connected Airports in India: None.

India to Guadalajara Cargo-Only Operators: None.


Customs Clearance Procedures in India and Mexico

International goods shipments to every destination in the world need to be accompanied by correctly filled-in and signed documentation. For exports and imports from India to Mexico, the following paperwork will be required:

  • A letter of credit
  • A packing list
  • A commercial Invoice
  • A tax invoice
  • A certificate of origin
  • A bill of lading

Discover more about these documents and see examples of the letters or forms here).

How Long Does It Take To Ship Freight From India to Mexico?

Mexico and India are almost on opposite sides of the world. Cargo vessels can choose to head east or west from India to reach Central America. Either way, ocean shipping takes at least 40 days for FCL and at least 47 days for LCL.

Air freight has to be flown on indirect services, as the 15,000-kilometer distance is too far for current aircraft to travel on one tank of fuel. But air freight deliveries can still arrive from India in Mexico in as little as eight days via indirect flights.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Cargo in a Container From India to Mexico?

FCL shipping from India to Mexico takes at least 37 days with LCL usually requiring considerably longer as these shipping duration examples show:

Mundra to Manzanillo—46 days FCL, 50 days LCL Nhava Sheva to Manzanillo—46 days FCL Mundra to Altamira—40 days FCL Nhava Sheva to Veracruz—37 days FCL, 47 days LCL Chennai to Manzanillo—49 days FCL, 51 days LCL Nhava Sheva to Altamira—40 days FCL

How Long Does It Take to Ship Air Freight From India to Mexico?

Goods cannot be flown directly from India to Mexico as the distance is beyond the reach of current commercial aircraft. Instead, freight forwarders will organize indirect flights to get your air freight delivered, usually in the following times:

Chennai to Monterrey—8 days Mumbai to Mexico City—8 days

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Cargo From India to Mexico?

Pair of hands on a desk, with the left hand operating a desktop calculator and the right hand writing on a notepad with a pen

Several factors come into play when determining the cost of shipping goods from India to Mexico:

  • The weight of the consignment
  • The dimensions and volume of the goods
  • Whether the goods are being shipped by ocean or air
  • The type of goods being shipped

If your goods weigh below 100kg it will probably be nearly as economical to fly them as to ship them by ocean carrier. Shipments weighing over 100kg make for expensive air cargo, so unless customers in Mexico are in a hurry to receive the goods, ocean shipping will almost certainly be more cost-effective.

Why Choose Shipa Freight to Ship Cargo From India to Mexico?

Shipa Freight provides digitized freight forwarding services for imports and exports from India to Mexico. Our online platform generates quick quotes and lets businesses book and pay for shipping over the Internet. GPS technology makes it easy to track every phase of every shipment.

The Shipa Freight team comprises customs clearance experts and other international shipping and logistics specialists. We are available 24/7 to bring fresh ease and simplicity to the complexities of international commercial freight shipping.

“With Shipa Freight, I could do everything from quotation to booking with just a click”.

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