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Ocean and Air Freight from Taiwan to Germany

FCL, LCL and Air shipping comprehensive guide and instant online quote

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Updated on 16 Mar 202212 min read

][Although the two nations don’t have diplomatic relations, Germany is Thailand’s biggest EU trading partner. In 2017, Taiwan exported $6.5 billion of goods to Germany.

Your business may have contributed to that figure, or you could have started importing from Taiwan to Germany more recently.

Either way, this page, with its international shipping information and guidance, is for you. The details you’ll find here should make it easier to decide the best way to ship your commercial goods between the two countries.

What Are Your Options for Shipping Freight From Taiwan to Germany?

Taiwan to Germany and Spain to show Shipa Freight capacity to ship from the Taiwan to Germany

If you want to export from Taiwan to Germany, there are two ways to ship your commodities. You can use an air cargo carrier or choose ocean shipping. There are pros and cons associated with each, and on this page, we’ll explain them to you.

Ocean Freight From Taiwan to Germany

Less than Container Load (LCL): This form of shipping entails your goods being consolidated with those of other shippers in a shared container. Consolidation and deconsolidation of goods will be required in both the port of origin and arrival.

Full Container Load (FCL): Don’t want your goods to share a container? FCL shipping provides you with exclusive use of a container. You can fill it fully or partially with your goods and seal the container at source in Taiwan. It will remain sealed until the consignee in Germany opens it—unless customs officials intervene for inspection of the contents.

Air Freight from Taiwan to Germany

Air freight is by far the quickest way to ship cargo from Taiwan to Germany. It’s usually several weeks quicker, but on the flip side, it’s often considerably more expensive.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Cargo From Taiwan to Germany?

A Freight forwarder needs to take into account various vital pieces of information about your freight to give you a quote. You will need to supply the following details to get quotes for ocean and air shipping from Taiwan to Germany:

  • The sort of freight that needs to be shipped
  • The size, volume, and weight of your consignment
  • The distance between the point of origin in Taiwan and the destination in Germany
  • The kind of delivery service you’re seeking—door-to-door or port-to-port, for example
  • How you want your cargo shipped to Germany—by air or sea

When it comes to the price difference between air and ocean shipping, the weight of your consignment plays a key role. If it weighs under 100 kg, there may be little difference between the cost of sending it by sea or air. Businesses often choose the quickest option in this case.

For shipment weights of over 100 kg, air shipping is usually a lot more expensive than sending your goods by sea in a container from Taiwan to Germany. For a weight of 35 kg or under, you’ll require the service of an international courier, as freight forwarders don’t quote for consignments that small.

How Long Does it Take to Ship Cargo From Taiwan to Germany?

Located off the east coast of China, north of the Philippines, Taiwan is a long way from Germany—over 9,200km as the crow flies. A freight forwarder can book your goods aboard direct flights from Taipei Airport into Frankfurt Airport. Even with this direct service, you should allow between five and eight days of transit time.

Ocean carriers will need much longer to make the journey west from Taiwan to Europe. You should allow at least 40 days for your ocean freight to complete its voyage..

How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo by Sea From Taiwan to Germany?

Transporting a shipping container from Taiwan to Germany is a long process that you should allow several weeks for. To give you an idea of the time it takes, 40 days is about average for an LCL shipment to reach Hamburg from Keelung.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo by Air From Taiwan to Germany?

Flying your import from Taiwan to Germany takes at least five days. In fact, for air freight shipments from Taipei or Kaohsiung to Frankfurt, it makes sense to allow for seven days in transit.

Customs Clearance in Taiwan and Germany

Customs stamp resting on a customs invoice document stamped with export customs clearance in red ink as Shipa Freight assist you with customs clearance

Moving goods from the Far East into the European Union requires adherence to customs procedures and rules. There’s no denying that these can be complex. So much so, that many businesses choose to entrust the formalities to freight forwarders. It’s a practical and time-saving way to reduce the risk of shipping delays—and it will guarantee your shipment abides by shipping laws.

Even with a freight forwarder taking care of such complexities, you as the shipper will still be required to submit specific documents with your consignment. Invariably, the documents officials in Taiwan and Germany will need to see will be the following:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Packing List
  3. Certificate of Origin
  4. Letter of Credit or other payment terms (depends on the contract between the parties involved)
  5. Bill of Lading for ocean freight or Airway Bill for air freight (your freight forwarder will provide this for you)

Additional documentation may be required with your consignment—Licenses for example, or certain permits or certificates. Once they know the nature of your goods, freight forwarding experts will be able to advise you about this. For now though, if you want to see samples of the documents listed above, you can do so on our documents list page.

Should You Choose Ocean Freight or Air Freight?

Ocean Freight

Ocean shipping from the island of Taiwan to Germany’s northern coastal port of Bremen, or nearby Hamburg, is a long process for which you should allow at least 40 days. Your consignment will probably ship inside a 20ft or 40ft container. The container can either be filled exclusively with your goods (FCL shipping) or share the space with products from other shippers (LCL). The best option for you could depend on the volume and weight of your cargo.

Considerations for LCL Freight Shipping

Having your goods share container space as an LCL shipment could be your best option if:

  • Your shipment is 14 CBM or less (roughly the equivalent of six standard pallets).
  • Your goods aren’t urgently required in Germany.
  • Your cargo can be safely transported alongside other goods in a container.
  • Air freight is out of the question.

It’s worth knowing that LCL shipping requires the consolidation and deconsolidation of goods. These essential logistics steps can mean LCL shipments take longer than FCL.

With this in mind, LCL might not be the right choice if:

  • Your cargo has a short shelf-life—food, for example.
  • You can’t afford a delay with your delivery.
  • You don’t want your goods moved or handled frequently.

Learn more about Less than Container Load on our dedicated page on LCL shipping.

Considerations for FCL Freight Shipping

Businesses tend to opt for full-container-load (FCL) shipping when:

  • Their consignee requires the shipment urgently.
  • They want the container sealed, and to remain so until arrival in Germany.
  • They’re shipping goods with a volume of over 14 CBM .
  • Their cargo is delicate or perishable.

Learn more about Full Container Load on our dedicated page on FCL shipping.

Air Freight

Air shipping is likely the best way to send freight from Taiwan to Germany if:

  • Your goods have a limited shelf-life.
  • Your consignment is urgently required in Germany.
  • Your cargo is valuable and will, therefore, benefit from stringent airport and airline security.
  • Your shipment is not too large—no bigger than three or four pallets.
  • Your supplier and consignee are located nearer to international airports than seaports.

Ocean Cargo Port Guide

Cargo Ports of Origin in Taiwan


Port Facts:

  • Located in the Wuqi District.
  • Taiwan’s second-largest port.
  • The site covers nearly 3,800 hectares.
  • The eight berths for cargo ships stretch for 2,377 meters.

Owned By: Taiwan International Ports Corporation.

Annual Container Volume: >1.7 million TEUs.



Port Facts:

  • The largest harbor in Taiwan.
  • Situated in the south of the country.
  • Container facilities were extensively expanded in 2017.
  • Ideal for supply chains that involve moving goods from Yancheng, Lingya, Gushan, or Siaogang.

Owned By: Taiwan International Ports Corporation.

Annual Container Volume: >10.2 million TEUs.


Keelung (Chilung)

Port Facts:

  • Also known as Keelung Harbor.
  • Located 37 km east of Taipei.
  • Accessible from Keelung Station on the Taiwan Railway network.
  • LCL shipments to Hamburg can be completed in 40 days.

Owned By: Taiwan International Ports Corporation.

Annual Container Volume: >1.5 million TEUs.



Port Facts:

  • Located in the Bali District, New Taipei.
  • It’s Taiwan’s newest international port.
  • Ranks as the third-busiest containerized goods port in the country.

Owned By: Taiwan International Ports Corporation.

Annual Container Volume: 1.6 million TEUs.


Cargo Ports of Arrival in Germany


Port Facts:

  • Ranks as the 16th-biggest containerized goods port in the world.
  • It’s Europe’s fourth-busiest seaport.
  • Four container terminals are ready to receive goods shipments from Taiwan.

Owned By: Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Annual Container Volume: >5.5 million TEUs.



Port Facts:

  • Europe’s third-biggest port.
  • Germany’s largest port and one of the world’s 20-busiest
  • Situated 110km from the North Sea on the River Elbe.
  • The Hamburg Port railway handled 62,000 freight trains in 2019.

Owned By: Hamburg Port Authority.

Annual Container Volume: >8.5 million TEUs.


Flying Your Freight: Airport Guide

Airports of Origin in Taiwan


Airport Facts:

  • Its full name is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
  • Located 40km west of the city of Taipei.
  • Ranks as the eighth-busiest airport in the world for international freight.
  • Shipments to Frankfurt and Hamburg can be completed in five to eight days.

Germany Airports Served: Frankfurt.

Taipei to Germany Cargo-Only Operators: China Airlines Cargo.



Airport Facts:

  • Also known as Siaogang Airport.
  • Taiwan’s second-busiest air facility.
  • Facilities include two terminals and one east-west runway.
  • Shipments to Frankfurt can complete in five-to-eight days.

Germany Airports Served: None.

***Kaohsiung to Germany Cargo-Only Operators:v None.


Airports of Arrival in Germany


Airport Facts:

  • Situated in the Franconian metro area of Nuremberg.
  • The second-busiest airport in Bavaria after Munich.
  • Just five kilometers north of the city center.
  • A single runway facility with parking positions for 37 aircraft.
  • Its cargo center boasts over 13,300 square meters of storage space.

Connected Airports in Taiwan: None.

Taiwan to Nuremberg Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Airport Facts:

  • Europe’s largest multimodal cargo-handling airport.
  • Two million tonnes of freight processed here annually.
  • It boasts four runways and extensive logistics facilities.
  • Cargo City North includes a perishables center and animal lounge.
  • Shipping from Taipei can be completed in five to eight days.

Connected Airports in Taiwan: Taipei.

Taiwan to Frankfurt Cargo-Only Operators: China Airlines.


Leipzig Halle

Airport Facts:

  • Situated in Schkeuditz, Saxony.
  • Second only to Frankfurt in terms of cargo-volume handled.
  • Over 1.2 million tonnes of cargo was handled here in 2019.

Connected Airports in Taiwan: None.

Taiwan to Leipzig Halle Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Airport Facts:

  • This is where over one-third of all Germany's air cargo is handled.
  • The annual freight throughput here is almost 400,000 tonnes.
  • An 84,000 square meter cargo terminal is ready to serve Southern Germany’s air-freight needs.
  • More than 300 flights connect Munich to major global centers of trade.
  • Ideal when goods from Taiwan need distributing to Freiburg, Landshut, Ingolstadt, and elsewhere in Bavaria.

Connected Airports in Taiwan: None.

Taiwan to Munich Cargo-Only Operators: None.



Airport Facts:

  • Located eight kilometers outside Germany’s second-largest city.
  • Officially called Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt since 2016.
  • It can accommodate wide-body aircraft, including the Airbus A380.

Connected Airports in Taiwan: None.

Taiwan to Hamburg Cargo-Only Operators: None.


Shipa Freight can also coordinate the transportation of goods from airports in Taiwan into Berlin-Tegel, Dusseldorf, or Stuttgart.

Why Ship From Taiwan to Germany With Shipa Freight?

Choose the easy way to ship your commercial goods from Taiwan to Germany with Shipa Freight. Our online platform brings welcome simplicity and convenience to the complex world of international shipping. We have experience of coordinating air and ocean shipping, and are ready to use our skills and experience to help you.

Enjoy our easy-to-use portal that lets you view and manage all your shipping in one place, simplifying your supply chain. Using us also means you won’t have to employ multiple agencies.

  • Other benefits of trusting us to manage your ocean or air freight from Taiwan to Germany include:
  • Quick quotes that you can compare fast.
  • Ability to book your shipping online.
  • Always know the paperwork your consignment needs to clear customs.
  • We’ll manage customs complexities so you won’t have to.
  • Enjoy round-the-clock access to our expert team of customer advisers.
  • Trust us to ensure your consignment complies with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Know Your Shipping Terminology

To help you build your understanding of the language of shipping, we’ve explained the meaning of two potentially confusing terms used in the industry. You’ll find those explanations below:

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