Shipa Freight Knowledge Series

  • SME Internationalization

    SME Internationalization

    SME internationalization has never been easier than it is today, but success still depends on overcoming some challenges.

  • Finding a Freight Forwarder

    Finding a Freight Forwarder

    Finding a freight forwarder is not difficult, but it can be harder to find one that’s a good fit for your business. This guide will help you plan and execute the first steps.

  • CO2 Facts

    CO2 Facts

    CO2 is “carbon dioxide,” a gas that is emitted when carbon based fuels like diesel, aviation fuel, petrol, CNG, LNG or others are burned for energy.

  • International Freight Shipping Insights

    FCL Shipping

    Are you confused by container shipping terms and jargon? It’s actually not as complex as it might seem. FCL shipping for example, is really quite straightforward.

  • International Freight Shipping Insights

    LCL Shipping

    If you’re unfamiliar with LCL shipping, this guide will help you understand what it is, when to use it, how to get your goods shipped, how LCL pricing works.

  • International Freight Shipping Insights

    6 Insights for Amazon FBA

    Fulfillment by Amazon presents valuable opportunities for online retailers anywhere to penetrate markets in North America, Europe, Japan, and China.

  • Chinese Exporters Going Global

    Chinese Exporters Going Global

    Chinese exporters must meet and overcome a number of challenges in order to go global.

  • Exporting to Emerging Markets

    Exporting to Emerging Markets

    Emerging markets offer fantastic opportunities for ambitious small businesses. With relatively young populations, growing middle classes and increasing spending power.

  • Export Classification

    Export Classification

    Export classification is a way of categorizing products for export using a string of numbers, which are usually called commodity codes or export classification codes.

  • Exporting to Europe

    Exporting to Europe

    According to our research, 79% of emerging market SMEs that export to Europe found it challenging or very challenging to start exporting to the region.

  • Customs Processing

    Pre-Arrival Customs Processing

    Pre-arrival customs processing is a system that allows importers to begin the process of clearing their goods through customs.

  • Product Standards

    Product Standards

    Product standards for exporters is part of the Shipa Freight Knowledge Series for small businesses.

  • International e-Commerce

    International e-Commerce

    Our recent research shows that on average, a quarter (26%) of SME exporters’ annual revenue comes from international online sales.

  • Protecting IP

    Protecting IP

    Understanding the intellectual property (IP) environment of your target market and protecting your IP is a crucial part of your export journey.

  • Marketing Intel

    Marketing Intelligence

    One of the first steps on your export journey is researching your destination market, or examining several potential markets to find the right one.

  • Keeping Compliant

    Keeping Compliant

    In the context of overseas trade, “compliance” refers to the observation of laws and regulations that control international business transactions.

  • SME Export Finance

    Export Finance

    Export finance is a type of trade finance that helps businesses conduct international trade easily and securely.

  • Finding Partner

    Finding a Partner

    A good first step is to find out if your government’s international trade department can help you make connections.

  • First Shipment

    First Shipment

    When you’re planning your first international shipment, you’ll need to decide whether your products will travel by air, sea or land.