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Shipa Freight Knowledge Series

  • First Shipment

    First Shipment

    When you’re planning your first international shipment, you’ll need to decide whether your products will travel by air, sea or land.

  • Finding Partner

    Finding a Partner

    A good first step is to find out if your government’s international trade department can help you make connections.

  • SME Export Finance

    Export Finance

    Export finance is a type of trade finance that helps businesses conduct international trade easily and securely.

  • Keeping Compliant

    Keeping Compliant

    In the context of overseas trade, “compliance” refers to the observation of laws and regulations that control international business transactions.

  • Marketing Intel

    Marketing Intelligence

    One of the first steps on your export journey is researching your destination market, or examining several potential markets to find the right one.

  • Protecting IP

    Protecting IP

    Understanding the intellectual property (IP) environment of your target market and protecting your IP is a crucial part of your export journey.

  • International e-Commerce

    International e-Commerce

    Our recent research shows that on average, a quarter (26%) of SME exporters’ annual revenue comes from international online sales.

  • Product Standards

    Product Standards

    Product standards for exporters is part of the Shipa Freight Knowledge Series for small businesses.

  • Customs Processing

    Pre-Arrival Customs Processing

    Pre-arrival customs processing is a system that allows importers to begin the process of clearing their goods through customs.

  • Exporting to Europe

    Exporting to Europe

    According to our research, 79% of emerging market SMEs that export to Europe found it challenging or very challenging to start exporting to the region.

  • Export Classification

    Export Classification

    Export classification is a way of categorizing products for export using a string of numbers, which are usually called commodity codes or export classification codes.

  • Exporting to Emerging Markets

    Exporting to Emerging Markets

    Emerging markets offer fantastic opportunities for ambitious small businesses. With relatively young populations, growing middle classes and increasing spending power.

  • Chinese Exporters Going Global

    Chinese Exporters Going Global

    Chinese exporters must meet and overcome a number of challenges in order to go global.

  • International Freight Shipping Insights

    6 Insights for Amazon FBA

    Fulfillment by Amazon presents valuable opportunities for online retailers anywhere to penetrate markets in North America, Europe, Japan, and China.